Big Data for Small Business

Know thyself, Know thy customer

Data Features

Data is the new oil

Data Dashboard

Instant overview of activities and customer engagement available live from any Internet connected device.

Analysis Toolkit

Cheers provides tools to make everyday sense of your data to help take steps to increase visits, customer growth and spend per visit.

Cheers Insights

Cheers provides workshops and training opportunities with partners to make sense of the bigger picture.

Data is all around us these days.  What we order online, who is calling us, what we search on Google, who we friend on Facebook, where we book our vacations.  It provides new possibilities but creates new challenges.


Data can help determine who our best guests really are and help communicate with them better.  It can help reduce costs by understanding which promotions work and which don’t bring results. Cheers offers tools to help understand and use data to increase visits, frequency and spend.


At the same time it is important to be aware how other companies are gathering and using data about our business and our guests – with or without our knowledge or consent.  We work with our clients to help take informed decisions regarding data transparency.


Guests bring other guests

How do I really reach my guests?

Communication Features

Today’s guest is better informed and has more choices because of the Internet and mobile technology. It is increasingly important to understand and manage the modern promotion mix of social, mobile and web tools.


However, just as important is the question of how we express ourselves. In a world of discounts and everywhere-advertising, it is key that every message make an impact. In the same way, “Social Media” should be more than just being “liked” online – it should be about a recommendation that brings a new guest or turns an occasional guest into a regular advocate.  


Cheers provides an effective promotion platform using live data to make it easier to generate successful individualized campaigns.  Under the motto “Friends bring Friends”, Cheers provides branded social tools for existing guests to easily promote the experience and create a natural social echo.

Promotion Engine

An innovative promotion wizard helps quickly develop highly targeted promotions in a few easy clicks with a distinctive theme and style.

Promotion Scheduler

Promotion automation and targeting based on performance analysis and guest habits, Cheers learns what works best with each guest interaction.

Cheers Chat

Exclusive private chat network for guests who prefer to communicate with each other and share their experience outside of open social media.


What makes a place the place to be?

Engagement Features

Content is King

Cheers Events

Easy to implement micro-events, calendar management and pre-sales to keep guests informed and participating.

Cheers Play

Quizzes and games engages and entertain guests while extending the brand when they are not on location.


Guests can reserve their favorite table and invite friends direct from their phone 24/7.

What makes a place the place to be?  The experience.  Guests become friends and friends bring other friends when they are provided a reason to.

Cheers  provides unique ways of engaging guests both on and offline, from in-app fun and games in CheersPlay to a selection of mini-events bookable through the upcoming CheersImpresario platform.


Cheers makes it easy and affordable to expand the guest experience and integrate your brand at the same time – as each game or event can be selected to match the individual character of an establishment.


Friends are worth keeping. Rewards vs Rebates.

Happy guests bring other guests

Loyalty Features

Other digital “loyalty” programs or CRM products focus on discounting for sales generation.  Cheers takes a different approach:  We believe the human relationship takes center stage in the decision to frequent a location, not price.Cheers understands the value of developing a good relationship, and we offer a unique perspective on what loyalty could be.  From unique partnership reward ideas to status perks and privileges, we provide the tools and ideas to nurture and manage a one-of-a-kind customer relationship program that is about belonging.   


A smile goes a long way  

It takes one disgruntled waiter to lose a long-time customer.   Employees are the face of the establishment and have to be vested in the customer relationship equation.  Cheers is also the only platform to reward wait staff as well – helping the employee/guest relationship by motivating both parties.

Cheers status program

Guests earn status through visits, gaining special privileges and entitlements that fit the flair and character of the establishment.

Cheers rewards program

Guest rewards are earned from spending, gifting and inviting other guests with an incentive program tailored to the location and brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cheers CSR extension allows guests to use points to power community engagement and charity projects.