The Data Platform

Cheers is a total relationship management platform including customer, employee and vendor components, unlike stand-alone discounting or promotion applications.

Cheers helps our clients understand who their best customers really are by making practical sense of guest habits, wishes, visit and spend patterns, which promotions are most effective and which guests are the best brand ambassadors.

There is more to social than Facebook

Cheers offers innovative, easy to use tools that help channel your brand identity and personification into messages that make a difference.   Cheers proprietary Promotion Engine makes it easy to instantly create engaging promotions with a few clicks and turn what happens online into real offline visits.

We are all looking for a reason to get together

Cheers expands the client experience using branded gamification, and micro event planning to manifest participation and drive real-world transactions. The platform is built to accommodate future cross-promotion lifestyle partners.

A new kind of loyalty

Status, privileges and opportunity are the key points in our unique loyalty programs that can be easily customized to fit a location exactly, Cheers is also the only platform to reward wait staff as well – to keep employees vested in guest happiness.

Made in Austria, designed for the world

Cheers is created with an international team who channel the best traditions of Austrian hospitality into the 21st century. Our development takes place in Salzburg and Tyrol.